PopChips Review

31 Dec

It is soon to be the last day of 2010.  I, like many of you, have the resolution to eat better.  I have recently began to eat more all natural foods.   I would love to introduce to you one of my favorite All Natural snacks: What are Popchips?

They are your healthy alternative to potatoe chips.  They are not fried or baked.  They are Popped!  They take  wholesome potatoes, add some heat and pressure, and pop! They then add some flavorful seasonings to these yummy, crispy and healthy snacks.  They even have 7 great flavors to choose from.

What’s not in Popchips?

*No perservatives

*No artifical flavors or color

*No cholesterol

* 0 grams of saturated fat

* 0 grams of trans fat

*No Gluten ingredients

For more information please check out  Popchips.com

My Thoughts:

My first impression of Popchips, before even trying them was that they were going to be another one of those,  unflavorful and boring  snacks.  I thought they were going to taste like cardboard, like some other snacks I have tried.  Boy, was I wrong!  I love them!  They taste amazing and have so much flavor.  It is even so hard for me to pick a favorite one.  I like them all.  These are definitely going to be my go to snack when I have those serious munchie cravings and best of all, I won’t feel guilty about eating them. 🙂

Disclosure:   I was provided samples of the items above, coupons and chip clip  for the purpose of this review.  Thanks to Happy and Healthy Mom and Popchips for giving me the above items for review.   All opinions are 100% my own.

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