Halloween History and a Costume Review

27 Oct

Halloween is quickly approaching.  There are many stories and legends about Halloween.  Halloween History is very fascinating to read about.   Do you know how it got the name Halloween?   Do you know when we first started celebrating it?  Do you carve a pumpkin?   How about when trick or treating started?  Many of the things you do to celebrate Halloween came from ancient celebrations.

In 601 A.D. by Pope Gregory(1st), wanted his missionaries to use the customs of pagans/natives in hopes to convert them Christianity.  Holy Days of the church were often celebrated around the same time of pagan/native holidays.  All Saints Day was moved to November 1st in 835 A.D, most likely to coincide with Samhain.

Halloween originated from Samhain, an ancient Celtic festival.  Allhallowmas was a mass said on that day, also known as “the mass of all the holy ones”.   The evening before All Saints Day was referred to All Hallow e’en or the evening of the holy ones.  Halloween is a Christian name derived from All Saints Day.

Before pumpkins were even popular to carve, potatoes, beets and turnips were what the people of Europe carved.  They were first used as lanterns to ward off evil spirits. Once the tradition hit the United States,  pumpkins became very popular because they were widely available then other vegetables. They were also much bigger and easier to carve.

Trick or Treating didn’t become popular till sometime after 1930.  This developed in modern time in America.  It has become wide spread across the word.
Halloween is also one of the top grossing holidays in the U.S due to the costume and candy sales.  The only other holiday that beats out Halloween is Christmas.

I love to celebrate Halloween.  We don’t do anything extravagant but, I do like to dress up and pass out candy.  If you remember my review  from last year.  I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the same company again.  This year I reviewed a Mermaid costume.

I just have to say that it is fabulous.  I was at first a little worried at how it was going to fit with out having tried it on but it fits great.  I love the color and the beautiful sequins.  It even comes with straps if you feel more comfortable then going strapless.   It is a great quality costume and I highly recommend you check out all the wonderful mermaid Halloween costumes they have to offer.  You won’t be disappointed.

p.s  It is not to late to order 🙂

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Christmas already?

19 Oct

I can’t believe it is the end of October already.  This year has gone by so fast.  It is time to start planning for Christmas or the Holidays in which you celebrate.  No matter what holiday you celebrate, everyone has to plan, plan plan.  Here are some helpful planning tips for you to enjoy.

1.  Write Lists- I love to make lists and checking things off always feel like a huge accomplishment whether it be tasks, grocery shopping, Christmas shopping or planning for a vacation. I think lists can help you no matter your situation.

2. Start gathering and updating addresses now from neighbors, friends,  and family.  People are always on the move and sometimes that address book has not been updated since last Christmas.  It is also a great time to catch up on some family and friends you have not spoke to in awhile.

3. Plan your shopping trips- look at sale ads, check for coupons, compare prices online, look for free shipping and cash back places to shop.  This will be so helpful in the long run.  Who wants to end their holidays with a big fat bill in January?

4. Clean up the house-declutter, organize and donate any toys, clothes or items not being used to make room for any new toys and clothes.

5. Decorate- have friends and family come to help you.  It would be fun and you would not have to do everything yourself.  Also use this time to donate any decorations that you may not be using or need anymore.

6. Baking-  I love to bake during the holidays. Check recipe books and online for great ideas  Check your inventory and find out what you need now.   One of my favorite things to use is Almond Bark.  It is so easy,  just melt,  dip pretzels (or anything you like) then dip in colorful sprinkles, let set and you are done 🙂

7. Family Portrait-  take that new family portrait, take it early, so you have time to pick one out of the many cute ones you will take 🙂

8. Christmas Cards- start searching for ones now- I personally like to receive ones with photos on them. I really like this one from Storkie.  Please check out all the custom Christmas cards and tell me which you like best 🙂

9. Relax- usually easier said then done, but this is supposed to be a fun time of year to spend with the ones you love.

10. Think of others- I know many times you get caught up with buying things for friends and family, but always remember the ones that get nothing during this time of year.  Please remember to donate an extra toy, send a card to a deployed military person or just volunteer your time at a place that is in need.

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Wordless Wednesday

12 Oct

                                                                   My Niece

Wordless Wednesday

21 Sep

Wordless Wednesday~ sorta :)

7 Sep

This is the card my husband sent to me last week.

This is a Smiley Basket that I got today delivered to the house from him

I truly have the best and most supportive husband ever.

Disclosure:  No compensation was given for this post, I just love my husband and the simple things he does to bring smiles to my face.